120985 - Rajan
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120985 - Rajan

"I am Rajan and I come from the country with the highest mountains in the world."

Rajan runs a sewing workshop in a remote village in Nepal. Today he employs more than 20 local employees who depend on the income from their work for him to earn a living and to provide for the education of their children. Everyone gets a fair salary and support for their families. Whenever we visit the factory we are so overwhelmed by the pride and excitement Rajan has for all that he has achieved.

For him, tailoring is a chore that he enjoys because he believes that if he can share his craft with others and work diligently with them towards financial independence, together they will take a step toward developing their community and theirs country will help. grow in the right direction. His love for Nepal can be seen in the love he puts into every item he creates which is why we fell in love with his work and wanted you to introduce him to him.


Rajan knows that all members of his team rely on him to help support their families. Therefore, every business decision he makes and every order he places is carefully thought out in advance. He embraces this role as a purveyor to his community and often speaks about how fulfilling this fashion journey has been for him.


From starting his business to making clothes, he has made every effort to develop and improve his production process. Quality is most important to him and this pride in his work is reflected in the rest of his team who enjoy their work as much as he does. He always wants feedback and we often have lengthy discussions about how he can refine his process. This passion for creating beautiful garments is a great motivation for us to find more ways to collaborate with him on our own fashion journey.

High quality materials with better production quality

Initially, Rajan often worked with materials from local markets. Today, he certifies each of his materials and has them tested for harmful substances to ensure his team and the people who buy these products are safe.

Because of this, he has chosen to use eco-friendly materials and we believe his tailoring shop is dedicated to creating premium quality clothing for Rajan. There are regular training opportunities for everyone in the workshop, as well as opportunities to share ideas and collaborate.

emphasis on sustainability

Rajan is not ready alone; he is determined to make his production more sustainable bit by bit. Many things have been optimized and we also renewed the factory together to help him live out his vision of a sustainable manufacturing company making zero-emission clothing.

We share the same drive and passion for the work we do and it makes sense for us to work well with Rajan. We're both comfortable enough with each other and share opinions while respecting each other's perspective. In Rajan we not only have a friend but also a brother we can count on to care about who we are and to hold on to our shared vision of a cleaner fashion industry that values the people who make the clothes, that we wear . wear today.

Rajan; Brother you are an inspiration, thanks for everything.