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We were extremely lucky to have accompanied a Hmong ethnic minority outside of Chiang Mai when growing and harvesting hemp locally. The people of this hill tribe grows hemp there under strict conditions for clothing. The hill tribe of Hmong has been making fabrics and clothing from hemp for generations, and has become known around the world primarily because of the CIA's underhanded activities in Laos during the Vietnam War. However, the Hmong are a peace-loving people who have settled mainly in the mountains around the Golden Triangle.

For us it was incredibly exciting to learn where our hemp comes from and even more exciting to be involved in the cultivation of this wonderful plant and to be allowed to actively participate. Away

When you buy hemp clothing from virblatt, you know that it has been cultivated naturally, without fertilizers or pesticides. What's more, the hemp is hand-spun according to ancient tradition and hand-woven with a wooden loom.


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