789321 - Mahesh
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789321 - Mahesh

" I'm Mahesh and I'm proud to have made your cardigan."

On one of our first trips to Nepal we met Mahesh and immediately became friends with this open and hospitable man. He has a family business in Kathmandu, Nepal and his brother specializes in making vests. As we got to know him better and learned more about his values and vision for his company, we realized he would be a great person to collaborate with and learn from on our journey to creating sustainable fashion.

So far he's helped us create some of our most popular jacket designs and we've shared many happy memories with him, so we wanted to introduce you to Mahesh, our partner and friend at virblatt.

family business

Mahesh is a true family man, so it's only natural that his entire production team consists of uncles, aunts and cousins ​​who have worked with him from the start of his fashion journey. You can feel the love between each member of the family when you visit his shop and that's why we were so excited that he could help us make our coats.

High quality sheep wool

The wool that Mahesh uses to make our clothes is imported from New Zealand because of its high quality.

Natural processing

We chose this sheep's wool because it hasn't been treated with chemicals to alter the natural feel and feel of the material. That's why our jackets initially feel rougher than the commercially available synthetic cotton.

quality not quantity

The love shared by each member of his team blends with the work that Mahesh and his family do. Every detail is quality checked and every knot is a proud example of their teamwork. For this reason it takes a little longer to make some of the creations that we make available on virblatt available.

Spread the Love

That is what Mahesh and his family stand for in their work and in the communities they serve. After the recent earthquakes in Nepal, he and his family shut down production to help rebuild their neighborhood and help those in need. This is just an example of his character and his unshakable values of friendship and unity.

We would like to thank Mahesh for being by our side at the beginning of our journey and always listening to us. We like to call him a friend.

Together we are on a long and exciting journey. Together.