Together we plant a forest

virblatt has decided to take decisive measures to significantly reduce our carbon footprint in the near future. The apparel industry in particular can and must bring about change when it comes to achieving our climate targets and leaving an intact planet for our children and future generations.

Unfortunately, humanity is proceeding far too slowly here and time is running out.

But it's simply too late to bury our heads in the sand. virblatt will take an exemplary role together with you.
Together with our friends, families and customers and our partner Conserve Natural Forest

  • Icon Aufforstung Reforestation

    Planted over 30,000 trees together

  • Icon Biodiversität Biodiversity

    Biodiverse forests for a biodiverse planet

  • Icon Unterstützung Support

    Actively plant trees with your order

Reduction and compensation of our CO2 emissions

In order to reduce our CO2 emissions, we have already implemented numerous measures as you can see in the following graphic and have tackled others.


To offset the remaining emissions, we have opted for reforestation. In recent years, together with the non-profit organization Conserve Natural Forests and numerous donors, we have already planted 32,000 trees! To see how we reforest and with which partner, watch the video below or go to Our goal is to suck as much CO2 out of the atmosphere as possible. The natural way. With the help of Mother Nature.

Trees planted:
32000 trees