209865 - Phi U
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209865 - Phi U

"I'm Phi U and I love working with playful designs."

Phi U runs a very small sewing workshop in Thailand and often sells its wares at local markets. He works with indigenous and ethnic fabrics, most of which are woven, braided or embroidered by hand.

We often create little trinkets and other Nixnaks with him simply because such an artistic mind is so much fun to work with. It's often his energy and spirit that inspires us to push the boundaries of our comfort zone, so we wanted to introduce you to one of our most playful partners.

First the family

Phi U will often talk about his master tailor mother who taught him everything she knows along with his brothers and sisters who also help run the family business. They're a tight-knit entity that takes pride in their work and it shows.

High quality cotton

Phi U treats his fabrics with hot steam before processing to avoid his garments changing too much after washing, giving his work long-lasting quality.

An ethnic celebration

Highly eclectic, Phi U loves to experiment with multi-faceted fabrics, often using colorful materials in his garments that are inspired by the surrounding hill tribes.

matters of the heart

He never saw his craft as a way to make money and yet he is such a successful artist. You will see why when you meet him and feel the energy he manifests in the way he talks about his passion and interacts with people. It really always feels like a healthy conversation when he speaks.

creative collaboration

Phi U likes to host its own exhibitions in Northern Thailand to show its playful and creative designs. So as you can imagine there is always something special when he gives his input and advice on our own garments.

At the office, we affectionately refer to Phi U as our "slow tailor" because whenever we give him a project to work on, it takes him forever to perfect the design and quality of the finished product. But the results always pay off, he never fails to create the most unique and stunning fashion pieces making us even prouder to work with him.

That's what we love about you. Danke PhiU!