933467 - Phi Mem
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933467 - Phi Mem

"I am Phi Mem and my home is the Rose of the North."

When we first met and worked with Phi Mem, she had just started her artisanal tailoring business with the help of her close family. Every garment she makes has a story because each is made with an individual care and attention not found in any of today's mainstream stores.

If you want to know more about Phi Mem and her small family factory, read on and feel a part of the magic that is the Rose of the North.

support of the sorority.

Everyone plays their part at Rose, Phi Mem's sister sells her creations at local markets while hand-crafting each of the unique designs for sale. Their husbands support the sisters by calling on extended family and friends to help spread the word and help with larger orders to keep their family business going.

natural materials

Phi Mem works exclusively with natural materials. She firmly believes in the purity and quality of her hometown of Chiang Mai's organic cotton and refuses to work with anything else.

Screenprinted by hand

Every print detail has been hand pressed into her clothes with the help of screen printing and the help of a small community of artists who also work with Chiang Mai's famous cotton.

Repurpose, recycle, reuse.

Every cut of every garment she makes is saved and reused as upcycled fabric to design a new and unique creation to share with her customers.

It's not about the money

Phi Mem knows the value of the work she puts into every garment she creates. For this reason, she never hesitates with the prices she offers, nor does she try to ask for them when she can. To them, it's the love of the craft that rewards their craft, not the promise of profit.

And we are happy to be part of this philosophy. Yes, sometimes that means our products might sell out, but we'd rather wait for the clothes she makes with love and pride than force her to expand and accelerate the creation process. That's what slow fashion is about, and that's what we're about.

And that's why we're so lucky to have you as part of our Phi Mem team.