432099 - Phi Montri
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432099 - Phi Montri

"My name is Phi Montri and hemp fascinates me"


Phi Montri makes hemp shoes in a small factory on the outskirts of Chiang Mai. Before we started collaborating, he had worked with cotton and other materials until he discovered hemp. He was fascinated by the toughness and sustainability properties of this alternative material. It is the perfect partner to further learn and explore this natural material to create eco-friendly clothing.

That's why we wanted to work with Phi Montri...

a community project

Phi Montri has no employees in its factory. On the contrary, he opens his production space to the community to help make shoes and get the same benefit as the others. This gives everyone an extra incentive to work harder and build relationships with neighbors.

Years of experience

Phi Montri has accumulated years of experience creating beautiful and unique shoes with his team of local artisans.

learning exchange

Phi Montri was already enchanted by the versatility of hemp before he met it, but today we are both still learning together how to get the most out of this material.

For example, thanks to his team, we learned a lot about hemp production and taught him new ways to make ecological and sustainable products with the environment. Years ago Phi Montri used a lot of glue to make shoe soles, now he prefers to sew the different layers together.

alternative materials

Our shoes are made from locally produced hemp, and we have chosen to use only this natural product because of its robust and versatile properties.

Satisfaction comes from patience

At Phi Montri we've learned everything there is to know about making ecological shoes and we're proud of how far we've come. Sometimes we don't have enough stock to meet all the demand, but that just makes us believe that we are doing things right and that you will like our products. In turn, we enjoy the learning process with Phi Montri and are proud to share our memories with someone who is passionate about hemp.

For these reasons we are happy to work with Phi Montri.








Thank you Phi Montri. We are proud to work with you.