Wie uns Haremshosen in ihren Bann gezogen haben

How harem pants captivated us

Once seen, instantly in love.

How did it all start? Yes, that's a bit funny. Johannes, our co-founder of the virblatt project, came back from his trip to Asia and was wearing this loose-fitting thing. He attracted curious but skeptical looks. Are harem pants fashionable again or what are they about? No. Johannes simply brought a pair of harem pants with him to Germany and wore them day in day out from then on. He was and still is convinced of the cosiness and the airy wearing comfort. Suddenly we thought to ourselves. Hey, that looks really good. The question didn't even arise: "What do you wear with harem pants?" “Which top to wear with harem pants?” “What shoes to wear with harem pants” or “How to wear harem pants?” Johannes had set the style and we all followed him. 


What to wear with harem pants?

Since the harem pants are wide cut and therefore very noticeable, it is recommended to combine this type of pants with a simple or tight-fitting shirt. This means that the everyday or festival outfit does not appear overloaded, but can appear elegant to others. Johannes had also already found the right shoes on his trip. Summer shoes for men made from hemp. A pair of slippers, espadrilles or hippie sandals. No matter what you want to call them, they went perfectly with the unisex harem pants for men and women. 

What happened then?

We were there for four hours and had an idea. Why don't we start our own little fashion brand and create individual fashion for like-minded people and young people like us. An audience that is a little more alternative and, let's say, thinks differently and outside the norm. Party until sunrise and enjoy the day in the park with a few herbs. Yes, just... people like us. 

And that's what we did. We each put 250 euros into a pot and used it to purchase our first gems in Thailand. Everything still went through friends and colleagues on site, but it was clear that something was happening here. Even though we hadn't started a business for a long time but rather a very time-consuming hobby, it was clear that we would emigrate - to Thailand. We found cotton harem pants there and bought them off the rack until we quickly got bored of them. Ok, let's start from the beginning. We rename our brand from bonzaai to virblatt and from day X we design all of our models ourselves and thus create our very own clothing style. Well, it just had to happen that we now have our hemp summer shoes for men and women in our range. Only more beautiful than Johannes's back then. ;) If you are interested in hemp shoes, just take a look here.

And what has become of us today?

Well, we'll carry on cheerfully and have a lot of fun delighting you with new styles and designs. You can get one from us here Design suggestion Submit and we look forward to hearing from you. Even though we are scattered all over the world today, this common project unites us and is very important to us. Thank you Johannes for initiating and starting this journey, perhaps unintentionally. Go on!