Was Hippie Kleidung für uns bedeutet

What hippie clothing means to us

Our interpretations of a timeless style

At virblatt, we have always interpreted hippie fashion and alternative clothing in our own way. Why stick to unnecessary rules and established thought structures when the hippie movement was characterized by freedom, openness and limitless love. For us, this fashion trend is a playground of naturalness and as rebellious as we are. Everything can be done, nothing has to be done. Nothing is ever too wild or too daring. No. It is precisely in chaos that the genius of its creators unfolds.

What is meant by this fashion style in general?

What kind of clothes they wore Hippies actually? The colors and patterns are characteristic of hippie clothing. Earth colors such as brown, green or ocher are often preferred. Hippie fashion is decorated and decorated with floral patterns, psychedelic designs or batik. Today this style of clothing is often interpreted in new and different ways and this fashion trend has evolved over the last few decades. What is important here is that this clothing style emphasizes what is natural in people and puts the individual in the foreground instead of uniformity. There may be different tastes here, but one thing can be said for sure - hippie clothes are not boring.

Which items of clothing go with my hippie outfit?

Be it crochet tops, harem pants, ponchos or patchwork skirts, you can let your creativity run wild. The hippie style often goes hand in hand with bohemian fashion and maxi dresses, fringed vests and long skirts in particular can be combined very well with playful accessories such as large sunglasses and eye-catching belts or boots. You don't have to go to the nearest hippie shop, you can just browse through mom's old wardrobe or the second-hand shop around the corner. But then virblatt doesn't earn anything. No, that is not correct. We are happy when this throwaway and consumer society comes to an end and that is why we develop our fashion in such a way that it impresses with its quality and longevity. So if you're wondering: "Where can you buy hippie clothes?" Of course with us. But we think it's even nicer when you reuse old clothes or create something new out of them.

How do we at virblatt interpret hippie clothing?

Moving away from the norm towards maximum design freedom, we have reinterpreted our fashion in recent years and are based on the timeless boho hippie style and combine many of our garments with natural materials and woven or embroidered patterns in an ethnic style. So we developed our very own style together with you. Through your feedback and interest, we create a clothing style that has never existed before. When you receive a virblatt package, it should contain 100% virblatt with all of our love and passion. We would like to offer you an opportunity to move away from uniformity and towards individual clothing.

Find our own creations and interpretations of Boho Hippie clothing for women and men and let yourself be enchanted by our unique designs. If you would like to find out more about this exciting fashion trend, you can find it more here.