Was wir so treiben?

What are we up to?

In addition to our passion for alternative clothing, we are also fascinated by alternative construction methods...

Yes, we did it again. We are currently working on one of our most exciting projects: an old, small clay house in Portugal. We don't know exactly how old this is. Starting in 1951, houses in the community were officially recorded, and anything built before that is simply “from before.” This house was once made of clay in the traditional way. Without plaster, the walls may look dusty and dirty, but the impression is deceptive. Behind this inconspicuous surface there are 60 cm thick clay walls that not only ensure excellent stability, but also a perfect indoor climate.

The house is located in a Portuguese old town on a hillside. Yes, hillside location. That's why we first had to dig a trench 1.5 meters deep around the house in order to lay drainage to protect it from water. Our goal is to get the house dry. Instead of sealing it and insulating it from moisture, we want to let it breathe. This only works with natural materials. In Portugal plastering is often done with concrete. We prefer clay on clay or, where this is not possible, a suitable lime plaster.

It takes a lot of imagination to see the little house as a cute little oasis of well-being. But that's exactly what makes the process so exciting. We can dream, spin and empathize with this house - with the people who will live there in the coming decades and who want to find protection, security, but also peace and serenity here.

We are currently about halfway through the renovation phase - at least that's what we think. This week we are looking forward to the delivery of three large packs of clay plaster. Even though such a project always causes a lot of stress and sometimes even tears, we still see many advantages in it. In the last few weeks we have acquired numerous technical skills. Thanks to the support of many helpers and intensive research on the Internet, we were able to acquire in-depth knowledge of alternative construction methods.


So don't be too mad if you don't hear much from us in the next few weeks. We will keep you updated and take you on this exciting journey every now and then.

Richfest... :)

Are you interested in our project? Then simply write us an email to info@virblatt.de.

Your sometimes crazy but always positive virblatt team!