Ein Hippie? Du? Die ultimative Checkliste

A hippy? You? The ultimate checklist

Discover the hippie in you

1. Nature freak or couch potato?

Do you feel at home in the great outdoors and is sustainability your middle name? If you're more into hugging trees than hitting shopping malls, there might be a real hippie in you.

2. Free spirit or rule follower?

Do you hate being pigeonholed and like to break the rules? If conventions are more like suggestions than hard and fast guidelines for you, your inner hippie is probably not far away.

3. Peacemaker or debater?

Is “Peace” your favorite greeting and conflict resolution your superpower? If you advocate harmony over drama, then the spirit of the hippie era lives on in you.

4. Creative mind or gray mouse?

Is expression as essential to you as breathing and color as a must in your life? If your answer is yes, then you definitely have the creative hippie soul.

5. All for one or everyone for themselves?

Do you believe in the power of community and enjoy sharing with others? If so, then your hippie heart is in the right place.


The hippie style decoded

What makes a real hippie?

You can recognize hippies by their unmistakable style: colorful, natural fabrics, ethnic patterns and handmade accessories. It's about more than fashion - it's a statement for peace, love and a sustainable world.

Where do you find hippie fashion?

Whether in specialized online Hippie Shops, at festivals or in second-hand shops - wherever sustainability and individuality count, you will find it. Being a hippie means living values ​​such as freedom and love of nature and expressing them through your clothing.

In short, the hippie look reflects an attitude to life that is current and expressed through conscious fashion choices. It's about setting an example - for a world in which we live in harmony with nature.