Unsere Mode-Reise durch Südostasien und Nepal

Our fashion trip through Southeast Asia and Nepal

Discovery of comfort and spirituality

Our travels through the colorful and vibrant landscapes of Southeast Asia and Nepal have profoundly changed our taste in fashion. What once began as a pursuit of stylish elegance quickly transformed into a love for cozy, spiritual and everyday clothing. In the midst of these cultural treasure troves, we discovered something very special: super comfortable dungarees and hippie jumpsuits that perfectly suited our newfound lifestyle. These discoveries inspired us to create our own collection of boho jumpsuits, harem dungarees and festival overalls.

The ultimate comfort: why jumpsuits are so popular

Jumpsuits are more than just a fashion statement - they are synonymous with ultimate comfort. Our harem jumpsuits and boho overalls are designed to offer maximum freedom of movement and comfort, ideal for modern Nomads. The loose cut and soft, breathable materials make them the perfect companion for long festival days, relaxed afternoons or spiritual journeys. It's this combination of comfort and style that makes our hippie and goan jumpsuits so irresistible.

Styling tips for the perfect boho look

Our virblatt festival jumpsuits in boho style look great with hemp slippers and plain t-shirts combine. These simple but effective combinations make the wide harem jumpsuits stand out particularly well. The versatility of our jumpsuits means you can adapt your look depending on your mood and occasion. Whether you're going for a casual, urban look or an unusual festival style, our jumpsuits are the ideal basis for your individual expression.

Discover our new unisex jumpsuits “Jumpful”

We invite you to become part of our fashion revolution. Our latest unisex jumpsuits "Jumpful" are now available in black, gray and green. Each jumpsuit is made with care and attention to detail to give you the best in comfort and style. Whether as boho dungarees for a relaxed day or as an eye-catching festival jumpsuit, these jumpsuits are a must for anyone who values style and comfort. Visit us now and order your own "Erratic" Jumpsuit – your next adventure is already waiting for you!