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Sun - customer

The sun rises in the morning with friends. virblatt is for people with an alternative lifestyle. People like you and I, kindred spirits, friends.
You no longer have the desire to buy bulk goods which are produced cheaply and under poor conditions.
You think about it, what you buy, where it is produced and how.

We also.

Rain - virblatt

The first rain pelts down on the dry ground. Seedlings sprout and a virblatt thrives. It is important that we design our fashion ourselves and increasingly use alternative resource-saving materials. We place great emphasis on the conscious cooperation with our suppliers and partners. We want you to know where your product comes from.
With you as the sun comes full circle and virblatt blooms.

think about it.

Wind - supplier

They work day and night behind closed doors, without windows, without daylight. They're children.
Not at our company.
We know each of our suppliers personally and visit them regularly. We make friends out of business partners. You are the wind in our sails. Nothing moves without them.

virblatt grows on par with our suppliers and partners.

Earth - product

Our Earth is finite. A conscious use of resources is necessary. Our goal is to make our products eco-friendly, sustainable and long-lasting in the future.
We started with hemp, we continue with bamboo.
We wish to contribute so that our children’s children can also live on this wonderful planet.

That‘s our aim.
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