GOA pants

GOA pants

UNISEX GOA Pants for Men and Women

You are looking for the perfect outfit for the best party of the year? Start here with the perfect trousers. In this category you will find Goa trousers for men and women with an extraordinary design. Psychedelic clothes and GOA pants often originate from Nepal. The vibrant but spiritual capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, is also where our pants come from.

Find your GOA pants in this category and get ready to party.

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GOA is more than a party in the mountains of Switzerland or in the dark Berlin basements. The hippies used to wander to the island of Goa to live a life in piece and harmony. Spirituality was celebrated by the new inhabitants that wanted to escape society. Your GOA trousers by virblatt feature an extraordinary design that was created for freethinkers and pleasure-seekers.

GOA, psychedelic clothes and rave outfits

The GOA trousers from virblatt feature numerous pockets to keep you from losing your valuables even at the wildest venue. They feature zip pockets as well as French pockets, functionality is combined with an exciting design. Your trousers for a perfect rave outfit.

Kathmandu clothing

Our trousers are unisex and thus suitable for men and women. The elasticized waist offers a perfect hold up; the elastic cuffs make the pants fit for all sizes. Most of the pants in this category are made in Nepal. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is a vibrant city with a great offer of handcrafted exceptional hippie clothes. GOA pants by virblatt is manufactured in small and medium sized Nepalese businesses in Kathmandu that we visit regularly to ensure good working conditions.

Kathmandu clothing by virblatt – think about it.