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Wendeponcho Abajo Hanf

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Hanf Poncho für Männer mit Kapuze und Fronttasche. Die Außenseite besteht aus einem Hanf-Baumwoll-Mix, während die Wendeseite aus Bumwolle mit einem farblich passenden Mandala bestickt ist. Die Poncho Fransen runden das Design ab.
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Unten oder oben? Hanf oder Baumwolle? Innen oder außen? Mit dem Herren Poncho Abajo geht einfach alles. Der Poncho Herren ist eine ausgefallene Hanf Jacke, die auf beiden Seiten getragen werden kann. Auf beiden Seiten wurde nicht an Details gespart. Die eine Seite ist aus einem Hanf-Baumwoll-Mix und auf der naturbelassenen Wendeseite aus Baumwolle ist ein farblich passendes Mandala eingearbeitet. Beide Seiten des Poncho haben eine praktische Fronttasche. Eine große Kapuze und ausgefallene Poncho Fransen runden das Design ab. Ob als Sommer Poncho oder Winter Poncho, mit dieser Hanf Kleidung bist du einzigartig.
More Information
Country of Manufacture Nepal
Fits Men
Colour natural
Pattern woven
Size Unisize (S, M, L)
Length 81 cm, Weite 104 cm, Ärmel 58 cm
Material 80 % Hemp, 20 % Cotton
Additional information Wendeponcho im Mexican Hippie Style
Care instructions First time hand wash. Afterwards mashine wash 30 degrees
Delivery time 2-3 Tage
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"I am Rajan and I come from the country with the highest mountains in the world."

Rajan runs a sewing shop in a remote village in Nepal. Today, he employs over 20 people from the surrounding areas who rely on income from their work with him to make a living, as well as care for their children’s education. Everyone receives a fair salary and support for their families. Every time we visit the factory, we are so overwhelmed by the pride and enthusiasm Rajan has for all they he has achieved.

For him, being a tailor is a duty he is enjoys because he firmly believes that if he can share his craft with others and work diligently with them to gain financial independence, then together they are taking a step towards developing their community and helping their country grow in the right direction. His love for Nepal is felt in the love placed in each item he creates; this is why we fell in love with his work, and why we wanted to introduce you to him.


Rajan is acutely aware that each of the members of his team relies on him to help them support their families. So each business decision he makes, and every order he takes has been carefully contemplated beforehand. He takes on this role as a provider for his community with pleasure, and often speaks of how fulfilling this fashion journey has been for him.

Eager to Learn

From the very beginning of his venture into producing clothes, he has put every effort into evolving and improving his manufacturing process. Quality is key for him, and this pride in his work is filtered down into the rest of his team who take just as much joy in their work as he does. He always wants feedback, and we often have long discussions on how to refine his process. This passion for producing beautiful garments with us is such a great motivator for us to find more ways of collaborating with him in our own fashion journey.

Top-Quality Materials Better Quality Production

At first, Rajan had often worked with materials from local markets. Today, he certifies each his materials and has them tested for harmful substances to make sure that his team and the people who by his products are keen safe.

It is because of this care he has taken into sourcing eco-friendly materials that we believe his team of tailors are dedicated to creating top-notch garments for Rajan. There are regular training opportunities for everyone in the workshop, as well as idea exchanges and collaboration opportunities.

Emphasis on Sustainability

Rajan is not only ready; he is determined to make his production more sustainable bit by bit. Many things have been optimized and we have also revamped the factory together to help him live his vision for a sustainable manufacturing company which creates emission-free clothing.

We have the same drive and passion for the work that we do, this is why it is only natural that we would work well with Rajan. We both feel comfortable enough with each other the share opinions

while still respecting each other’s perspectives. With Rajan, we have not just gained a friend, but a brother who we can depend on to care for who we are, and to be committed to fulfilling our shared vision of a cleaner fashion industry which values the people who make the clothes we wear today.

Rajan; brother you are an inspiration, thank you for everything.

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