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Hemp Backpack Weltenbummler black

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Our hemp bags were created to make your travel experience easier, with spacious designs inspired by ethical fashion.This hand made black hemp backpack features a laptop compartment and lots of convenient storage.
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The sand under your feet is your foundation. The pulseof the city is your heartbeat. In the evening you cover yourself with the sky as a blanket. You are the globetrotter! With the same named black Backpack made of hemp fiber with blue Naga ornaments on the sides you have enough storage space for the start, so you can plunge into the waters of the world with your most important things. Go wandering!

There are several storage compartments available for you to store your belongings in with this range of eco-friendly hemp backpacks, giving you the perfect travel companion to keep your valuables safe. We have used our most durable and reliable hemp material to create this chic hippie bag, using a charcoal black that is versatile and stylish to match your sustainable clothing collection with ease. On the side, there are traditionally woven Naga Hill tribe patterns detailing these unique backpacks and adding an element of individuality to each of these hippie backpacks that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

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The show's on. The cannabis seeds are planted. The field is cultivated!


Hemp Backpack

More Information
Country of Manufacture Thailand
Colour black
Pattern Naga hill tribe
Height 17 inch
Width 12 inch
Resizing adjustable
Bag closure zipper
Inside pocket 2 inside pockets
Closure inside pocket zipper
Outside pockets Front
Delivery time 2-3 Tage
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"I belong to the Hmong hill tribe and I am proud of that."


Phi Yoo conquered our hearts from day one. She makes virblatt hemp rucksacks at her home with a few friends who specialize in the production of backpacks. In her small inconspicuous sewing space, our top-quality virblatt backpacks are created using a combination of hemp, ethnic weaving and embroidery. The result is a harmony of craftsmanship which gives us the opportunity to let off a bit of steam and push the boundaries of our design ideas.

Phi Yoo has our heart, but why does she enjoy our trust?

Work among friends

With Phi Yoo, each of the products she makes is done with the collaboration of friends who are as passionate about their craft as she is. They work for equal pay and in a relaxed and open working environment where each collaborator is encouraged to show off their individual style.

Alternative materials

Hemp has been a part of her history for years. The Hmong Hill tribe of Northern Thailand mastered the art of this material before we had even heard about it. The embroidery and weaving detailing she uses to celebrate her heritage in the items she creates are learned from generations of artisans before her who passed down their knowledge on how to make the most out of this local textile. 

A Celebration of Her Ethnicity

Phi Yoo grew up learning the art of embroidery from her parents who had learned the skill from theirs. The traditional approach which she takes towards including these intricate designs pays homage to where it all began with her culture years ago. Today, the eye-catching cross stitch of the Hmong tribe weavings adorn many of our products and makes up an essential piece of our character at virblatt.


Since we began working with her, Phi Yoo has tried to place as much effort as possible into improving and innovating our bag designs to make sure that they are durable, robust and ergonomic. We could not be more proud of the dedication she has shown us to providing you with top-quality products that showcase her expertise.

Since she works on such a small scale often times it can get difficult to expect her to keep up with orders, especially due to the care and attention that is placed on each design. So we have learned how to communicate and accept her situation and do not let her feel rushed or pressured into producing so that she can focus on the artwork behind her craft.

She has her hearts, and very often that is just because we are so grateful for her smiling and positive personality. It is why we love her, and why we are so grateful for the opportunity to work side by side with her to create unique bags that put a spotlight on her culture and traditions.

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