Delivery and Delivery Charges


1. Delivery

1.1. Your order will be shipped by DPD (Deutscher Paketdienst) and GLS (General Logistics System)

1.2. We ship to the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Denmark, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Portugal, Czech Republic, Estonia, Ireland, Malta, Sweden, Hungary, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovakia (Slovak Republic), France, Latvia, Austria, Slovenia. The applicable shipping costs can be found in section 2.

1.3 For worldwide shipping outside Europe please go to


2. Delivery Charges

2.1. Cost per Delivery

Germany         3,90 Euro
Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria         7,90 Euro
Denmark, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Czech Republic         7,90 Euro
France, United Kingdom         7,90 Euro
Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary         7,90 Euro
Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain         7,90 Euro
Estonia, Finland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway         7,90 Euro


2.2. Please note that in the case of cross-border deliveries, additional taxes (for example in the case of an intra-Community acquisition) and/or charges, for example in the form of customs duties, may apply, which you will be required to pay.