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Espadrille wedges Sinnlich colorful

Delivery Time
2-3 Tage
Ethnic summer sandals handmade and decorated with pink traditional Hmong hill tribe pattern.
Everyone needs a bit of spice in their life. With these flirty pair of platform espadrilles you will immediately add a pop of color to any plain outfit. Handmade with the highest quality material and decorated with an ethnic pattern of the Hmong tribe, these open toe espadrilles are more than an eye catcher. The boho chic sandals are lightweight, breathable and will make you feel as if you are wearing nothing on your feet. The platform lace up shoes are easy to slip on and comfortable to wear, especially during the hot summer days. Style up any casual outfit with these open toe espadrilles for women and you are good to go. The best accessory for your boho and ethnic clothing outfit.

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More Information
Country of Manufacture Thailand
Fits Women
Kind of shoes Sandals
Colour pink
Pattern Hmong Hill tribe embroidery
Material Cotton
Closure Ankle strap
Additional information Colorful summer shoes for women for y perfect boho look.
Delivery time 2-3 Tage
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"My Name Is Phi Montri And Hemp Material Fascinates Me."

Phi Montri manufactures hemp shoes in a small manufactory outside Chiang Mai, Thailand. Before we started to work together, Phi Montri had been working with cotton and other materials until he discovered hemp. The robust and sustainable properties of this alternative material fascinated and excited him, which is why he was a perferct partner to learn and explore more of the potential this natural material had for eco-friendly fashion.

Here is why we wanted to work more closely with Phi Montri...

A Community Project

Phi Montri doesn’t employ people at his factory, instead he opens his production space to his community to help collaborate in making shoes for an equal share of the profits. This gives everyone an extra incentive to take extra care in their work, as well as build a closer relationship with their neighbours.

Years of experience

Phi Montri has accumulated years of experience creating beautiful and unique shoes with his team of local neighbourhood artisans.

Learning Exchange

Phi Montri was already enchanted by the versatility of hemp before we met him, but even today, the two of us are still learning how to make the most out of this material.

For instance we have learned so much about the production of hemp from his team, while we have shown him new ways to create sustainable and eco-friendly products. Before, Phi Montri used to use excessive glue to create the soles of his shoes, and now he chooses to sew the layers together instead after we collaborated in finding innovative ways of butting down on our production footprint.

Alternative Materials

Our shoes are made from the locally grown hemp, and we have chosen to deal exclusively with this natural material because of its robust and versatile textile properties.

Pride comes with Patience

We have worked hard with Phi Montri to learn as much as possible about how to create an eco-friendly range of shoes; and we are proud of how far we have come. Sure, there are times when we are sold out of our products before we have manufactured enough to meet the demand, but that only shoes us that we are doing something right, because you seem to like it, and we would rather enjoy the learning process with Phi Montri than take for granted the value in making memories with someone who is as passionate about hemp as we are.

That is why we are proud to work with Phi Montri and his community.


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