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Matters of the Heart

All profits made from selling items from our Matters of the Heart catalog are donated to our social and ecological projects.

Together we can make a difference. With every purchase from our Matters of the Heart catalog, we donate the entire profit to a social or ecological project. What’s more, each of the items in this collection are ideal as gifts for friends and family, helping you spread the love in more ways than one. Simply add an item from our Matters of the Heart to your shopping cart and complete the purchase together with the rest of your order.

We have carefully select unique pieces to sell in this catalog, and our purpose is to share the stories that come with them, not just because we want to make money, but because we want to make a difference to the way fashion empowers others. Our team believes that by sharing a bit of our heart with you, and giving you a chance to give back through buying at our store, that together we can accomplish something wonderful.

Take a heart; share the love.

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  1. Face masks for children
    Face masks for children
    €3.00 €5.00
    Incl. VAT | plus. shipping
  2. Gratitude Stone
    Gratitude Stone
    Incl. VAT | plus. shipping
    Out of stock
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