Yantra Collection


We are proud to introduce you to our new Yantra collection.

Particularly well known are Yantras than tattoos in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. The icons represent various powerful forces and have to protect the objective of their support from danger. Once Yantras were minted in metal pieces, tattooed on the body or painted on fabrics.

In our daily lives in Chiang Mai, we counter these wonderful Yantras almost every day. They still are deeper part of the local culture and society. This has inspired us to transform many traditional symbols Yantra in a modern design and combine them with our bonzaai pants.

We present you our new Yantra collection of 3 different colored harem pants, harem and pantaloons. They are available both with a deep, half deep and high cut.

We wish you protection in everyday life and a strong companion in your travels.
We are bonzaai. So are you?