Upcycling your clothes

Our friend Aline has created a wonderful opportunity for you to transform old virblatt clothing (and of course other brands too) into new trendy fashion pieces with her upcycling workshop.

Aline is an expert in tailoring and fashion design, mastering her craft with an energy and passion that is second to none. Since 2015 she has been running her upcycling fashion label PROUGS- ReThink which produces unique pieces out of old, worn or washed out clothes.

To get involved in this upcycling movement, and own the exclusive eco-fashion style Aline is popular for, you have two options;

  1. send her your clothes for an upbeat remake of your favourite garments. She transforms them into a completely fresh new look and sends them back for you to show off.
  2. send her your old clothes, the ones you don’t use anymore, and Aline will convert them into new materials to sell online or at local markets.

By supporting this innovative fashion designer, you are joining us in our fight against excess. You deserve fashion that hasn’t exploited our natural resources, and top-quality clothes that you can be proud of, so check out Aline's website and feel free to get in touch with her for more information on how to be an eco-fashion icon.


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