The world inspires our innovations


virblatt magazine Hammock they are dedicated to our favorite countries in the world: Thailand and Nepal, two countries that inspire us every day and is where virblatt products and alternative clothes come from.

Alternative Kleidung Magazin Hammock

Two countries, two pants with hand writing poems that can conquests your heart, with a different decoration on the side pocket, we choose the Lisu, an elaborate handwork made from Lisu hill tribe women.


Our new highlights:

Phanvad        Namoona

       Phanvad (Thailand)                       Namoona (Nepal)


For these two new genie pants, we also dedicated our first magazine where virblatt Ambassadors speaks about themselves, where you can see what is behind the scenes and read our story, how virblatt start his journey with the harem pants and jewelries collection. Meet virblatt friend and family members.