Round up and donate


In our world there are many people who need help. Either due to a tragic accident or due to the circumstances in which they grew up. We want to support these people. If everyone makes a small contribution, together we can make a major contribution.

Stratton ABC Foundation

Exactly for this purpose we have integrated a new function in our online shop. At the end of the shopping you can round-up your amount and donate to a charitable project. By clicking on the

donation you can get background information about the project or donate to another project. You also have the ability to increase your donation.

For this purpose we have selected the projects, which we got to know while working with non-profit organizations around Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Furthermore, in this context we want to support the earthquake victims of Nepal.

In recent years we have expanded our business in Nepal and made friends with our local partners. Our friends have asked us for help and similarly we want to pass this request on. We can do more together than apart.