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Round up and Donate

Aufrunden und Spenden

In our world there are many people who need help. Either due to a tragic accident or due to the circumstances in which they grew up. We want to support these people. If everyone makes a small contribution, together we can make a major contribution.

Exactly for this purpose we have integrated a new function in our online shop. At the end of the shopping you can round-up your amount and donate to a charitable project. By clicking on the donation you can get background information about the project or donate to another project. You also have the ability to increase your donation.

For this purpose, we have selected the projects, which we got to know while working with non-profit organizations around Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. We collect your donations and round it up ourselves before forwarding it. 100 % of the contribution will be forwarded, we do not deduct any administration fees. We support these projects, because we believe it is the right thing to do.

At the end of your order you can round up and donate with just one click.

You can follow the success of our donations here.

Together we can do more than apart.

Think about it.


Our projects at a glance


Current projects



The Kayin State is home of the Kayin, the second biggest minority of Myanmar. Since the independence of Myanmar in 1948, the Kayin are fighting for autonomy of their land. 

The KSEAG (Karen State Education Assistance Group) is a working group aiming at improving the quality of education throughout the Kayin State. Supplies like pens, notepads and chalk are urgently needed in the schools. The NGO Child´s Dream supports this project and helps to support more than 1,200 schools with stationary supplies. Thus, stationary supplies for more than 6,000 teachers and 120,000 pupils is provided. Child´s Dream purchases the supplies in Thailand and Myanmar and hands them over to KSEAG to distribute them throughout the schools in the remote areas of the Kayin-State.

virblatt supports the project of Child´s Dream, because education is our greatest asset – we are looking forward to your support.  

Aqueous Solutions is consortium of research scientists, field engineers, and ecological designers working to promote a secure livelihood, Water filters environmental and economic sustainability, and local self-reliance. They emphasize on technologies for drinking water supply.

In 2015, a water filter system based on local materials and bio-char was developed in cooperation with Aqueous Solutions and the Pun-Pun Center for Self-Reliance. The goal is to install these water systems in the Thai-Myanmar border region in mountain villages and to teach the local population how these systems are built. All construction instructions are open-source and available in different languages.

We will participate in the construction of these systems and all donations go 100% into the project. Water is life! - We appreciate your support!

Rain Tree Foundation

For about 20 years the Rain Tree Foundation and the corresponding German Association Thai Care e.V. take care of the disadvantaged children and adults in Thailand in order to offer them a better future. The objective is always the same: learning to help themselves, to fend for themselves and supply themselves – both agriculturally and financially and in doing so they help many people out of poverty. More than 270 children live in various facilities and have a place here, where they can feel at home. Furthermore, the Foundation installs water filters of the inventors CAWST and was already able to provide over 1,600 families with clean drinking water. One filter costs around 70 Euros including installation and monitoring three times, to assure the water quality and the correct use of the filters by the families. The water is filtered naturally through various layers of stone and sand. The result is clean drinking water.

With your support, new water filters can be installed to enable more families the access to clean drinking water. We could already donate two water filter.

virblatt supports the projects of Rain Tree Foundation – we would be happy if you would support us as well.  


Successful projects


Rain Tree Foundation

With your donation we could install two water filters already. The project of the Rain Tree Foundation deals with installing water filters in remote areas in Northern Thailand. Water filters by CAWST are installed, the villagers learn how to use the filters and the NGO monitors the systems to provide a good quality of the drinking water. Thus 1600 families got access to drinking water already.

With your donation through rounding up your purchases we could install two water filters already. The first one was installed close to San Kamphaeng and the second one in the mountain village Ban Mae Sa. Both locations are located in Nothern Thailand.

We appreciate your support.


With your donation we supported "Kirsten Jade Rescue Center". About 70 children found a home in the Children's Village of the CFI International Children's Support. They live in homes with household parents and thus can lead a life in a family. The children get the chance to visit school, they can take part in agricultural work and are accompanied until they can fend for themselves. During our visit to the Children's Village we were greeted by many happy children – despite the hard fates they had suffered before. We were very touched by it and were allowed to visit their homes, their schools and see their projects.

With your donation we could assist the Children´s Village to finance a new fence. The village needed to be fenced to the adjacent street due to legal regulations and the ensure the safety of the kids.

We greatly thank you for your support.


The worst earthquake in the last 70 years deprived Nepali, whom we have got to know as very warm people, of so much: family members, friends and colleagues, while many people lost their houses and homes. Our local partners and friends made us familiar with local circumstances and sent us pictures of their destroyed homes.

A fund was established (Siddharta Relief Fund) to support friends and colleagues so that they can buy food and build shelters. With forwarded your donations to this fund to make a small contribution helping the employees of our business partners to find normality.

Thank you very much for your support.  

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