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You found us for a very specific reason. It is not a coincidence that you have come to us. You, too, are tired of the mass-produced clothes that are offered by big fashion companies. You also know how to distinguish what is true alternative fashion and what is simply made for the consumer market at a cheap price. At virblatt you will find high quality alternative clothing with designs that we have all created ourselves. We don't buy anything off the rack, but work together with our suppliers to create alternative apparel and boho style clothes to make fashion that you can't find anywhere else. Unique alternative fashion for unique people like you.


Alternative Clothes

Reforestation project

Inspired by our journey through the world and Southeast Asia, we started about 10 years ago to produce alternative fashion and boho clothes for our friends and us. Basically, we still do that today. We don't make clothes that we wouldn't wear ourselves and that's exactly how this unique virblatt look evolved. Combined with hand-woven and hand-embroidered fabrics, we fuse tradition with modernity. It's time to rethink fashion and we take the first step together with you. Together with family, friends and virblatt followers, we have planted over 20,000 trees in Northern Thailand in 2019 and 2020. In addition to offsetting, we are also focusing more and more on alternative fabrics such as hemp and bamboo. Join us on this wonderful journey and become an inherent part of our project.



Alternative Fashion

We have designed every product in our collection ourselves and we put all our love into the smallest detail. Whether in Chiang Mai North Thailand or on the rooftops of Kathmandu, we create unique and wonderful designs that are beautifully crafted into final garments. There are a variety of alternative clothing blogs or check out Pinterest for inspiration of boho clothes women and boho clothes men outfits. We are glad you like this unique and unusual fashion.


Each of our designs tells its very own story. It's up to you to continue it. We combine tradition and modernity in our designs, creating a harmonious combination of several worlds. Combined into one piece of clothing, we create alternative clothes men and alternative clothes women, which you will not find on every corner.


It is a matter of the heart for us to work with our suppliers on an equal level and to push this project forward together with them. In the manufacturing process, everyone involved should be included and fairly compensated. We manufacture exclusively in small and medium-sized family businesses, as this is where we have the most influence and can see first-hand what is going on.


Most recently we have started to ship CO2-neutral throughout Europe! We are especially proud of this. We ship from our small warehouse in Radolfzell at the lake of Constance, which is also managed by a family member. If you live in Germany, Switzerland or Austria, you will have your package with alternative clothing for women or alternative clothing for men free of shipping costs and in a few days at your house.


Alternative Clothes


Boho Clothes and Hippie Fashion

Many people refer to our clothing as hippie clothing or boho style clothes. If you call hippie style an attitude and a life in harmony with people and nature, then you are exactly right. Shop alternative clothing at virblatt.

Aladdin pants and harem pants

We have started making unique genie pants and harem pants. These have medium-low or a very low cut and convince with their style and coziness. Still today we launch new unique cuts and designs in new collections every year and it is our pleasure to see you in one of our gems.

Hemp clothing

Already seen? Our pride and joy! Check out our hippie jackets and our Baja ponchos. Whether it's for a festival or everyday wear, our ponchos and jackets really make a statement.

Our hemp is grown locally in Northern Thailand and Laos and now we offer not only hemp bags and backpacks, but also a variety of other hemp clothing. Discover virblatt for yourself and let us know if there's anything we can help you with. We're glad you exist and have found your way to us.

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